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Great Plugin

Oct 04, 2011 by Jerome Jameson

I have been using this plugin with wptube platinum theme and all I can say I am amazed by the visitors this plugin brought me on my site. Thank you !

amazing plugin!

Aug 12, 2011 by Hellen

This plugin is amazing! I'm using it with my sites and with great results. I really recommend it to everyone. Thanks for this great product!

Dec 28, 2010 by dido2905

A friend of mine who is also into blogging recommended me PHP MyVideoBlog, and after a month of usage I have to say that I'm really thankful to him. The product is worth every cent. It is the best possible way to start marketing using videos. The tool is very easy to use and you don't have to be some kind of a guru in order to use it. You have big control over exactly what kind of videos you want and you can choose them easily. You can concentrate the videos on a specific niche and that can bring you very good results. I like that there is just big variety of features included which can be very useful. I haven't had any problems while using the plug-in. Thanks to PHP MyVideoBlog I was able to gain a good increase of traffic coming to my blog and I would recommend it to everyone who wants the same.

Feb 04, 2010 by gbjuno

PHP MyVideoBlog is simply awesome. I am using now the professional version 2.7 and it works really great. One of the features that I adore is it's thumbnail grabbing ability; I use it with the “get-the-image” plugin to build some autopilot video blogs with thumbnails inserted into the themes. I am also pleased that PHP MyVideoBlog grabs adult videos from the most popular adult video sites because there is no doubt that adult videos are huge traffic magnets. I have created an “adult only” section on one of my video blogs with PHP MyvideoBlog and my traffic has increased of 500% in two weeks. It would be really great if the next versions could make the posts with comments like WP-VideoTube does. Anyway, grade A for PHP MyVideoBlog.

The best autobloggin

Dec 30, 2009 by probrent2

PHP MyVideoBlog has to be my favorite plug-in for my blog. I purchased this to help market my videos that I have created. With this plugin I was able to bring any video I wanted into my feed that I have on my blog. After I using this plugin for a month, I have gained over 15% more traffic to my blog. I have to give all that credit to this plugin I purchased. I recommend this plugin to anyone who has a blog and has ever thought about adding videos to it. They provide easy tools to adding a new feed and videos to that feed. This plugin basically does 80% of the work for you. I recommend this for your blog.

must have

Dec 28, 2009 by Sangold

This plug-in is absolutely must have if you are a blogger. I personally own a video and audio blog promoting Movie tickets and I must say this works like a charm to get the traffic to my site. One thing that is absolutely worth it’s price is the ability to customize this as per your requirement. This plug-in can be customized as per your needs unlike other plug-ins. You have complete control over the type of videos you want on your blog. The second best thing is the stability. This is absolutely stable and works flawlessly. This is very easy to implement and it hardly takes even a minute to install it. If you want a great plug-in with excellent customization options, a stable plug-in with great functionality, then I highly recommend you to get this. This is must have.

Great plugin!!

Dec 28, 2009 by dennypiyu17

I like this product. PHP MyVideoBlog is very awesome and helpful for people. How creative the creator is! I knew this product from my friend that he sent the link in my email. First of all, I was confused how to use this product. I read all the instructions. Making our own blog video niche is not as hard as I thought. I really would like to thank this product. Now I can create my own video. This product is easy to use, a newbie or guru can use this product. If you are blogger you must have this product. It can help you. Many people are more interested in watching video than read content. I can create a video easily and fast. Some of them I use to promote my affiliate link and monetize my Adsense. Hundreds of visitors come to my site everyday. This product is very great. I would recommend it to you to download it. You can try with trial version first.


Dec 25, 2009 by jellymonty

I have my word press blog and although I was getting a handful of traffic, I wasn't happy with overall traffic flow. I did add some You tube videos but I wasn't getting a lot of hits or visits either until I installed PHP MyVideoBlog. It was fast to load and easy to actually set up my videos, and more importantly I didn't need to back link to any site. I love the fact that this software is compatible with most video sharing websites and the feeds I get are not copyright content and that I'm able to choose how often I update them. I must say now I am quite happy with the flow of traffic as my videos get shared across the web and I get a lot more visitors than normal advertising. I even got people who downloaded my videos and redistributes them so that’s another bonus thing of this software. Video sharing is the best way to advertise your business or your affiliate products and I highly recommend you get yourself this software. It lives up to it's promise and it's very cheap and worth it.

4.9 5.0 8 8 I have been using this plugin with wptube platinum theme and all I can say I am amazed by the visitors this plugin brought me on my site. Thank you ! PHP MyVideoBlog Plugin